SNAPSHOT: Snapperz Grill & Steam Bar



Snapperz Grill & Steam Bar is a restaurant that any visitor to the Crystal Coast needs to visit. Located in Morehead City, Snapperz has a little of something for everybody. Snapperz is the bigger and better offspring of Flipperz Family Bar & Grill in Emerald Isle.

This local favorite is the epitome of Crystal Coast Cuisine. There are tons of reasons you should come to Snapperz, but here are just ten.

The Top Ten Reason to Come to Snapperz!!!


1) A comfortable, family friendly atmosphere.

If your family is big or loud or all of the above, don’t worry! Snapperz is a laid back family restaurant. You don’t need to worry about bringing the kids or your husband’s loud laugh.


2) Reasonable prices.

Snapperz is a medium-priced eatery. Don’t worry about breaking the bank! They’ve got something for every price range.


3) Come see the Shrimp Boat—now a boat bar!
Photo Credit.

Boat bar. Photo Credit.

Snapperz has converted a 26’ shrimp boat called the “Harper Grace” into a fun boat bar. It matches the great décor you’ll find throughout the restaurant.


4) Crystal Coast cuisine at its finest.

Snappers sells amazing seafood selection! But what makes it so special is that many items are harvested locally.


5) Enjoy a Crystal Coast treat, the Crystal Coast Steam Pot.

Crystal Coast knows that the best way to make a steam pot is to load it with crab legs, clams, sausage, shrimp, red potatoes and corn and then to steam it up. And that’s how Snapperz does it! It’s served with cocktail sauce, drawn butter and slaw.


6) Local charm.

From the nautical décor to the 275 year-old oak trees outside, Snapperz is a perfect reflection of the easy-going Crystal Coast community and spirit.


7) Consistent quality service.
Crystal Coast Steam Pot. Photo Credit.

Crystal Coast Steam Pot. Photo Credit.

Snapperz values their friends and customers who visit. So they want every patron to leave full and happy, knowing they had the best quality food and service.


8) A large bar area.

The boat bar is just one part of Snapperz extensive sports bar section. This full service bar features eight big screen TV’s where you can watch your favorite sporting events.


9) Great live entertainment.

Snapperz regularly schedules amazing bands and entertainers from all over. The live entertainment doesn’t stop when the summer season ends, so check the schedule to see when bands are playing.


10) Family, friends & fellowship.

At the end of the day, it’s all about having an amazing experience with your nearest and dearest.


Contact Information:


Snapperz Grill & Steam Bar

3710 Arendell Street
Morehead City, NC

(252) 240-1313